Issue Management

FCML is trying to serve both the demand and supply sides of the capital market by focusing on Issue Management services. Issue Management functions of FCML includes the following:

  • Initial Public Offer (IPO) of Shares & Bonds
  • Repeat Public Offer (RPO) of Shares & Bonds
  • Issue of Right Shares
  • Issue of shares under Book Building method or Direct listing method

Beside the above, FCML also seek to further broaden and intensify the range of services to provide better services to its growing customer base. Since embarking in the role, FCML actively endeavoring to create a strong image and reputation in the country's capital market as a reliable merchant banker and issue manager through its expert, qualified and professional management team. FCML experienced team is able to manage all types of public and right issue activities such company assessment, security pricing and analyzing, preparation of prospectus as well as completing all the formalities at the BSEC, RJSC and other regulatory bodies.